Forklift Batteries

Kutlu Batteries provide the electrical energy required without any problem under all climatic and traffic conditions. By taking into account the number of times the vehicle engine starts, air conditioning, radio and interior lighting, both in motion and when the engine is turned off. Kutlu Batteries are designed to have higher cranking power, vibration resistance and longer cycle life compared to standard batteries

Plate Type : 50Capacity [c5]Dry Cell [kg]Wet Cell [kg]LWCell HeightTotal Height
2 PzS1005,317,96198 mm47 mm267 mm297 mm
3 PzS1507,3711,28198 mm65 mm267 mm297 mm
4 PzS2009,4414,61198 mm83 mm267 mm297 mm
5 PzS25011,5017,94198 mm101 mm267 mm297 mm
6 PzS30013,6121,37198 mm119 mm267 mm297 mm
7 PzS35015,7324,77198 mm137 mm267 mm297 mm
8 PzS40017,8028,13198 mm155 mm267 mm297 mm
9 PzS45020,0431,65198 mm174 mm267 mm297 mm
10 PzS50022,0834,95198 mm190 mm267 mm297 mm
Plate Type : 60Capacity [c5]Dry Cell [kg]Wet Cell [kg]LWCell HeightTotal Height
2 PzS1206,598,37198 mm47 mm340 mm370 mm
3 PzS1809,2011,90198 mm65 mm340 mm370 mm
4 PzS24011,8315,45198 mm83 mm340 mm370 mm
5 PzS30014,4518,98198 mm101 mm340 mm370 mm
6 PzS36017,1422,64198 mm119 mm340 mm370 mm
7 PzS42019,8326,26198 mm137 mm340 mm370 mm
8 PzS48022,4729,82198 mm155 mm340 mm370 mm
9 PzS54025,2833,55198 mm174 mm340 mm370 mm
10 PzS60027,8837,07198 mm190 mm340 mm370 mm
Plate Type : 80Capacity [c5]Dry Cell [kg]Wet Cell [kg]LWCell HeightTotal Height
2 PzS1607,759,86198 mm47 mm402 mm432 mm
3 PzS24011,0414,23198 mm65 mm402 mm432 mm
4 PzS32014,3518,63198 mm83 mm402 mm432 mm
5 PzS40017,6523,01198 mm101 mm402 mm432 mm
6 PzS48021,0427,54198 mm119 mm402 mm432 mm
7 PzS56024,4232,02198 mm137 mm402 mm432 mm
8 PzS64027,7636,45198 mm155 mm402 mm432 mm
9 PzS72031,2441,03198 mm174 mm402 mm432 mm
10 PzS80034,5345,41198 mm190 mm402 mm432 mm
Plate Type : 90Capacity [c5]Dry Cell [kg]Wet Cell [kg]LWCell HeightTotal Height
2 PzS1809,1411,66198 mm47 mm477 mm507 mm
3 PzS27012,8516,67198 mm65 mm477 mm507 mm
4 PzS36016,4921,60198 mm83 mm477 mm507 mm
5 PzS45020,1926,59198 mm101 mm477 mm507 mm
6 PzS54023,8531,62198 mm119 mm477 mm507 mm
7 PzS63027,6136,68198 mm137 mm477 mm507 mm
8 PzS72031,3041,68198 mm155 mm477 mm507 mm
9 PzS81035,1546,84198 mm174 mm477 mm507 mm
10 PzS90038,8151,80198 mm190 mm477 mm507 mm
Plate Type : 105Capacity [c5]Dry Cell [kg]Wet Cell [kg]LWCell HeightTotal Height
2 PzS21010,1612,88198 mm47 mm518 mm548 mm
3 PzS31514,3618,47198 mm65 mm518 mm548 mm
4 PzS42018,4924,00198 mm83 mm518 mm548 mm
5 PzS52522,6429,54198 mm101 mm518 mm548 mm
6 PzS63026,7935,17198 mm119 mm518 mm548 mm
7 PzS73530,9540,74198 mm137 mm518 mm548 mm
8 PzS84035,1546,35198 mm155 mm518 mm548 mm
9 PzS94539,4752,08198 mm174 mm518 mm548 mm
10 PzS105043,6357,64198 mm190 mm518 mm548 mm
Plate Type : 115Capacity [c5]Dry Cell [kg]Wet Cell [kg]LWCell HeightTotal Height
2 PzS23010,7213,54198 mm47 mm57513,54
3 PzS34515,2219,49198 mm65 mm19,4919,49
4 PzS46019,6725,40198 mm83 mm25,4025,40
5 PzS57524,1931,37198 mm101 mm31,3731,37
6 PzS69028,6737,39198 mm119 mm37,3937,39
7 PzS80533,2543,43198 mm137 mm43,4343,43
8 PzS92037,7849,43198 mm155 mm49,4349,43
9 PzS103542,4455,56198 mm174 mm55,5655,56
10 PzS115046,8761,46198 mm190 mm61,4661,46
Plate Type : 125Capacity [c5]Dry Cell [kg]Wet Cell [kg]LWCell HeightTotal Height
2 PzS25011,5614,41198 mm47 mm577 mm607 mm
3 PzS37516,4120,75198 mm65 mm577 mm607 mm
4 PzS50021,2327,06198 mm83 mm577 mm607 mm
5 PzS62526,1033,41198 mm101 mm577 mm607 mm
6 PzS75030,9739,85198 mm119 mm577 mm607 mm
7 PzS87535,9046,28198 mm137 mm577 mm607 mm
8 PzS100040,6252,50198 mm155 mm577 mm607 mm
9 PzS112545,8159,19198 mm174 mm577 mm607 mm
10 PzS125050,7365,61198 mm190 mm577 mm607 mm
Plate Type : 140Capacity [c5]Dry Cell [kg]Wet Cell [kg]LWCell HeightTotal Height
2 PzS28013,0816,91198 mm47 mm685 mm715 mm
3 PzS42018,5124,28198 mm65 mm685 mm715 mm
4 PzS56023,9131,62198 mm83 mm685 mm715 mm
5 PzS70029,3639,02198 mm101 mm685 mm715 mm
6 PzS84034,8246,52198 mm119 mm685 mm715 mm
7 PzS98040,2053,85198 mm137 mm685 mm715 mm
8 PzS112045,6461,24198 mm155 mm685 mm715 mm
9 PzS126051,3468,90198 mm174 mm685 mm715 mm
10 PzS140056,7576,27198 mm190 mm685 mm715 mm
Plate Type : 155Capacity [c5]Dry Cell [kg]Wet Cell [kg]LWCell HeightTotal Height
2 PzS31013,8717,69198 mm47 mm722 mm752 mm
3 PzS46519,8525,63198 mm65 mm722 mm752 mm
4 PzS62025,7533,50198 mm83 mm722 mm752 mm
5 PzS77531,8141,52198 mm101 mm722 mm752 mm
6 PzS93037,6049,38198 mm119 mm722 mm752 mm
7 PzS108543,5157,27198 mm137 mm722 mm752 mm
8 PzS124049,4065,14198 mm155 mm722 mm752 mm
9 PzS139555,6173,32198 mm174 mm722 mm752 mm
10 PzS155061,5481,24198 mm190 mm722 mm752 mm