Our Values

KUTLU Battery

Kutlu automotive company, established in 1985, Started as Batteries repairing and parts commercial sales store. and Took its first steps in battery production in 2000 as Kutlu Battery.

From the very beginning of the company’s history, the focus was on the many applications for batteries. And as a result of progressive technology.

Kutlu Battery moves forward with a strong future ahead built on the integrity that forged its humble beginning. Taking firm steps towards domestic and international markets, thanks to its quality-oriented production.

Kutlu Battery strives today to move forward worldwide, with 22 years of experience and “300K per year” production capacity.

Our success today and our success for the future are assured by the trusted partnerships built over the years. The relationships we create today will represent and inhabit the next steps of Kutlu Battery.

Our Mission

Supporting uninterrupted and sustainable life with its innovative energy solutions

Our Vision

To be the leading energy solutions provider that excels with its employees, partnerships and performance

KUTLU battery is changing the way we see energy.